Modern Slavery in supply chains


5 Pitfalls of Supplier Scorecarding

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of scorecarding and its impact on their performance, risk exposure, and market competitiveness....


Why does your Organization need a Supplier Management Solution?

In continuation with our blog on Supply Chain Resilience, this Infographic lists the factors affecting Supply Chain across different Industries...


Brexit: Impact on Supply Chain across Industries

Here is an Infographic on understanding the need to deploy a Supplier Management Solution. HICX Solutions enables organizations to leverage...


Preventing purchasing fraud: 5 steps for the CPO

Here are five insights to help organizations be better prepared against purchasing frauds.


Procurement Technology solutions

This infographic explains how organizations can completely streamline, standardize and centralize their supplier management efforts by leveraging all procurement levers.


An Illustrated Guide to W8 Compliance with HICX Solutions

HICX’s W-8 Collection and tax identifier services help you manage the process of collecting and managing the W-series information.


Supply Base Management

A high-level insight into the overall supply base management and what it entails.


Supplier MDM: Methodology

The three pillars of a successful Master Data Management project include: 'Governance', 'Process' and 'System' backed by a clear vision.


#7 KPI’s to measure effectiveness of your Supplier Management solution



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