June 2, 2016

HICX to co-sponsor Vendor and Third-Party Risk Europe

LONDON, United Kingdom – June 02, 2016 – HICX Solutions, the digital leaders in enterprise supplier information management, has announced its co-sponsorship of the Vendor and Third-Party Risk Europe being held June 7th-8th in London.

CEO and Chairman, Costas Xyloyiannis, will form part of the specialist panel ‘Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Effectively Aligning Differences across Global Regulators and Jurisdictions’.

HICX has been a key player in the area of Supplier Risk and Compliance Management and has consequently built cross sector experience in the areas of facilitating risk mitigation, supply chain visibility and digitising supplier risk assessments, HICX has spearheaded business transformation for global clients through its bespoke risk and compliance solutions.

“With more exposure and new regulatory compliance obligations, having a robust third party risk strategy is imperative. Organisations today need to be agile and reduce the time it takes to roll out new compliance programs across their supply chains. As compliance needs change, a digital strategy enables companies to react in real time and validate compliance throughout their related third parties.’’ commented Costas.

Topics to be addressed at the Vendor and Third-Party Risk conference include:

  • Regulation; ensuring regulatory compliance and aligning the differences across global regulators and jurisdictions.
  • Governance; Effective governance processes to better monitor third parties.
  • Vendor Categorisation; effectively categorising vendors and third parties to understand the level of risk and monitoring requirements.
  • Operational Risk; Aligning third party and vendor risk management with the operational risk agenda.
  • Intragroup Entities/Affiliates; Analysing third party risk management of affiliates/intragroup entities and the move towards a pragmatic approach.
  • Cyber Security; Cyber security in third party risk management and supply chain inter-dependence to ensure resilience.
  • Data and Security; Ensuring effective data security throughout life cycle and the supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Resilience; The definition of supply chain resilience and its effect in practice.

Further information on the conference can be found at https://www.cefpro.com/forthcoming-events/vendor-risk/



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