January 17, 2013

HICX Solutions Ltd. Offers New Services Focused on Supplier Risk Alerting, Data Augmentation, and Tax Credentialing

<strong>As the global leader in supplier management solutions, HICX Solutions is proud to announce the formal launch of its new Supplier Risk Alerting, Data Augmentation and Tax Credentialing packages</strong>

London, UK (PRWEB) January 17, 2013 – Supplier management today is comprised of several complex tasks, where augmenting, or validating, against external information is often required for even the seemingly most basic process. As such, flexibility is needed for any enterprise seeking efficiency within their supplier management initiatives. However, too often organizations get bogged down in their information collection and data validation efforts, since they have no effective or scalable way for managing these processes internally.

As part of this latest announcement, HICX Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer, Hassan Ismail, stated, “In our experience, we have witnessed the continued need to solve point issues, as current systems prove unable to adapt to the ever-changing supplier management needs. From the onset, we’ve ensured our platform was designed in a manner that enabled quick adoption of new processes, or needs. We are very excited about providing our customers with these cost-effective solutions that allow them to ensure tax compliance, stay abreast of potential supplier risks, and enhance their supplier profiles from third party sources.”

Leveraging a Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) model, these latest services are delivered by the HICX services team using HICX’s best-in-class Supply Base Management platform. Key highlights of these newest services include:
<li>Tax Credentialing with W-8 / W-9 Collection and TIN / EU VAT validation</li>
<li>Bank fraud avoidance with SWIFT/Bank Identifier Code verification</li>
<li>Supplier risk alerting through OFAC/debarment, bankruptcy, judgments, and lien checks</li>
<li>Supply chain monitoring through global incident tracking</li>
Doug Markle, EVP of Global Sales also commented, “In today’s rapidly changing supplier management landscape, it is imperative that solution providers, like HICX, continue to provide solutions that don’t necessitate radical changes in existing systems and processes. Offering quick-deployment solutions for potentially time consuming, but critical supplier management activities, is the focus of this latest service offering. Moreover, these services allow us to continue meeting the niche needs of the marketplace, while demonstrating the power and flexibility of our solution set.”
For more information visit us at HICX Solutions at http://www.hicxsolutions.com or read our blog at http://www.supplierpedia.com
About HICX Solutions, Ltd:

Founded in London in 2004, HICX is the global leader in providing Supply Base Management (SBM) technology and Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solutions that help customers, across the globe, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Our integrated suite of technology solutions for Supplier Onboarding, Supplier Master Data Management, Supplier Management, Supplier Risk and Performance Scorecarding, Supplier Compliance, and Supplier Cockpit are successfully used by organizations across a wide range of industries. HICX Solutions maintains regional headquarters in London, Chicago, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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