June 28, 2016

HICX and Aveiroe Europe Partner to Deliver End to End Supplier Assurance Service

hicx-aveiroe3LONDON, United Kingdom – June 28, 2016HICX, specialists in supplier management solutions together with Aveiroe Europe, a firm recognized for their Recovery Audit Excellence, today announced a partnership to integrate the industry leading HICX Supplier Information Management solution with Aveiroe’s Audit Services framework.

As audit recoveries identify process improvement opportunities, the Supplier Information Management (SIM) program can immediately correct and optimise processes to prevent future losses. Furthermore, funds generated through the audit process can be used to invest in SIM program activities, thereby creating a self-funding program. Both work streams leverage supplier master data hence reducing any potential business disruption and IT demands.

Aveiroe and HICX combine the benefits of an integrated supplier management technology and a P2P health check service that delivers Supplier Contractual Compliance, Process Optimization, increased control over costs, and Self-Funding Business Process Audits.

“HICX, is an ideal partner for Aveiroe and its clients; Our teams share a desire for providing clients with bespoke solutions centred on Client Service Excellence. This provides an opportunity to create a new benchmark.” states Howard Cosby, Managing Partner of Aveiroe Europe.

Grant Watling, VP Customer Success at HICX commented, “Our focus is helping organizations effectively manage and govern their supplier data. Aveiroe shares our goal of improving supplier assurance with an emphasis on customer delight.” Top quartile organisations have long since recognised the value of optimising their supplier management activities, and have benefited by regularly auditing their supply chain processes to mitigate leakage. By offering a unified solution to the Finance and Supply Chain teams, HICX and Aveiroe bring together the stakeholders of supplier engagement in a naturally collaborative method.


About HICX Solutions Ltd.

HICX, a London-based firm founded in 2004. It is a supply chain master data management (MDM) solution with a configurable workflow that allows an organization to use it as the supplier (and associated product) MDM system.

HICX provide the market leading technology for supplier information management (SIM), supplier performance management (SPM), supplier risk management (SRM) and supplier compliance management (SCM), it enables end-to-end supplier data management as a result of its strong MDM foundation.

HICX has also recently expanded its capabilities into the contract management area, with a new module that both can complete and complement contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions. HICX Solutions maintains regional headquarters in London, Chicago, and Dubai.

For more information, visit http://www.hicxsolutions.com.

About Aveiroe Europe LLP

Aveiroe are a London-based professional services firm that specialise in Recovery Audit. With unrivalled experience and expertise, Aveiroe’s focused Supply Chain audits quickly assess how to maximise client return from both the recovery of previously unidentified amounts owing to the client business and from the prevention of similar, future profit leakage.

Recognising that every client is different and tailoring services to reflect that every time, audit experts work alongside client personnel to truly understand not only client systems, procedures and processes but also, and all importantly, client objectives so that together they develop and agree on the most suitable services for the client organisation.

Aveiroe’s ethos is to help clients improve. Knowledge Management is intrinsic to Aveiroe’s way of working, so all services come with a comprehensive feedback and reporting process. Also Aveiroe know “that you can’t improve what you don’t measure”. Having provided recommendations, Aveiroe continue to monitor the results of the changes, and work alongside clients to ensure that they see real improvement.

For more information, visit http://www.aveiroe-europe.com.




For more information, please contact:

HICX Solutions

Grant Watling

VP Customer Success

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Aveiroe Europe

Howard Cosby

Managing Partner

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