January 4, 2018

Our Six Most Shared Articles of 2017

2017 Most Shared Content

These are the top six articles that we published over 2017. After much debate we have decided to keep things simple and rank each article based on the number of times people have actively shared the content on LinkedIn, our primary publishing platform – rather than read them. Hopefully this is a good indicator of how interesting or relevant the article has been to our website visitors and social networks as a whole too.


 10 Benefits of Supplier Onboarding

Total LinkedIn Shares
Total LinkedIn Shares
Total LinkedIn Shares
Total LinkedIn Shares
Total LinkedIn Shares
Total LinkedIn Shares

It’s probably worth noting that Blockchain did well before it took over every pub conversation, my own included. This was a time before ICOs and the last big rush upwards for Bitcoin. 

Primarily, the most shared content tends to be focused on the educational and thought leadership style of articles. Articles we hope to continue to produce in the coming year – alongside a number of webinars, white papers and events. 

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That said, it’s a new year now and a Happy New Year to everyone, let’s hope 2018 is a great one. 


by Michael Bulman

Head of Marketing

Michael leads the marketing team at HICX. Bringing with him experience in the startup and ERP worlds, his focus is on brand awareness and strategy.
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