Supplier Alerting & Identity Management

Deciding on a supplier data collection approach carries with it many dimensions that need to be considered as it relates to your supplier initiatives. Due to the different tasks that have to be performed, from on-boarding to daily management and validation of suppliers, external content is often needed to establish that holistic view of your supply base.

HICX’s Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) approach allows you to augment your reach into supplier alerting, data collection and identity management processes that may just not be possible with your existing enterprise systems.

Using HICX’s Supplier Manager SaaS platform, combined with our expert staff of supplier management consultants, HICX enables you to retrieve, validate and update critical supplier information for closing your supplier information gaps – without impact to your current processes or systems.

You should be concerned with an inability to:

  • Address supplier management needs due to a lack of resources
  • Enhance supplier profiles for reducing your exposure to supplier risk
  • Retrieve critical third party information on suppliers missing within existing systems
  • Validate and ensure data compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Add value without the additional cost of software development or acquisition

Supplier Alerting & Identify Management

By outsourcing key supplier data collection processes to HICX, you can improve your knowledge of your suppliers through:

  • Supplier W-8 / W-9 Collection (link to page)
  • Supplier Data Validation & Enhancement (link to page)
  • Supplier Risk Alerts & Notification (link to page)


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